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Support in Nature

Dallas Walk & Talk Therapy

Therapy has taken place in offices forever. Like, since the very beginning of the profession. But so many things have changed since Freud, and research continues to prove the benefits of the outdoors on our mental wellbeing.


If we are in therapy to take steps forward in life, why not do it by literally putting one foot in front of the other?

Imagine having time to focus on your yourself and your goals while getting fresh air and gently moving your body. Imagine exploring your personal history and creating a new future for yourself while experiencing the beauty of the outdoors. Imagine getting more out of every therapy session so that you can stop repeating old patterns and engage more authentically in your relationships. 


Walk & Talk Sessions are tailored to alleviate stress,

so if bringing your dog or walking with your baby in a stroller helps, they are more than welcome to join. Together, we will explore, discover and honor your stories, one step at a time. 

Join the Movement!
walk therapy dallas
Pampas Grass

How does this work with the weather?

As the old saying goes "there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!" And while that may be true for most days, Texas weather can be fickle. If safety & focus become a concern, your session will be rescheduled, or move to the virtual office.  

Misty Morning

Our Walk & Talk follows all ethics boards- the only difference is that it is out doors, so you and your therapist will discuss the limits of confidentiality before hitting the trails!

Woman Walking in Forest

Whether you're a seasoned hiker or use a wheelchair for mobility, the pace of Walk & Talks sessions  are set by you.  Your Walks focus on your mental wellness goals and not physical exercise. 

So you have some questions for us...

That makes sense. Walk & Talk therapy sounds like a big step. But, it's actually more effective & easier than you might think. Stroll through our FAQs to learn more...

Is it ethical?

Who is Walk & Talk for?

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