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Open Doors

Embodied. Creative. 

Mental Health care that supports your unique & multi-faceted self. 

You’re a dreamer. You have big plans for yourself. You are multi-passionate and curious. 


You are also anxious. You feel like what makes you unique also makes you lonely. You tend to intellectualize and brush off the negative and traumatic parts of your past because those feelings are not “productive”.  


But there is a little part of you that knows in order to accomplish the life you are envisioning, you might need to take a look at how parts of your past and current patterns are blocking you. 


Hey- I have been there. I still find myself there from time to time. 


The good news is you can experience relief and clarity. Together, we will work towards developing self-attunement and trust. Through creative, embodied, and somatic techniques,  (in other words, the ways we will get around that really smart, over-thinking, over-analyzing part that leaves you paralyzed), we will take a glance* at the darker parts of your past, so that your current body and mind feel more relaxed, confident, and in control. 


*cannot promise that we won’t take MORE than a glance. I am not letting you off the hook that easily.

Clinical Specialties 

Drama Therapy

Walk & Talk Therapy

Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

Jogging Partners
Working from Home

Feel supported virtually, in the office, or out in nature. Therapy shouldn't be one size fits all. 

Why Open Haus?

Growing up, I always loved when my parents took me and my little brother to an open house. There was something about the endless possibilities of a new space, paired with the history & spirit of former dwellers that engaged my imagination and ignited a sense of hopeful excitement around what our future home could look like.

When I started this practice, I wanted my clients to have that same experience- a compassionate acknowledgment for their past and a sense of wonder and possibility around their future selves. I wanted them to feel the freedom to create better relationships, gain clarity on their purpose, and show up each day a bit kinder to themselves, all while knowing that they had "good bones". 

Welcome to the Open Haus. Stay as long as you need.

Emily Faith, MA, LPC, RDT

(682) 253-1098‬

207 S Tyler Street, Dallas, TX 75208

We provide tele-health services for  clients residing in Texas only. Walk & Talk and in office services are located in the Bishop Arts area  Dallas, TX.  

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