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Business Consultations

Whether you are wondering if therapy is the right career for you, adding walk & talk therapy is your next step, or you want to sprinkle drama therapy interventions into your practice, I'm happy to answer all your questions. Pricing starts at $150 for 1 hour. Packages available upon request. 

Walk & Talk Consultation for Therapists

Want to add Walk & Talk therapy to your own practice, but not sure where to start? I got you covered. 

Texas Licensing & Masters Students Consultation 

In school or looking to go to school to be a therapists? I can help!

Drama Therapy Consultation for Therapists

Interested in ways to add drama therapy interventions into your practice? You're in the right place!

Private Practice Coaching for Beginners 

Ready to get started in private practice but not feeling confident in taking the first steps? Book a coaching session with me!

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