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Artist + _____


Do you find that you feel like you have to choose between being artistically fulfilled or financially stable?


Do you desire a deeper connection to your artist role when you are working a non-arts job?


Are you struggling to balance all of the roles and responsibilities you have?


Have you found that there has been a lack of support in your life for your artistic pursuits?


Caring for the Artist part of you can get put on the back burner. It can be difficult to prioritize your artist role while working a "regular" job, raising a family, or running from gig to gig. It is easy to feel depleted and disconnected from the Creative You. Whether the arts are a hobby, career, or curiosity, together we can work through these feelings, gain clarity, and get you feeling like yourself. 

Being an artist was hard before the pandemic. Now, it can feel impossible to connect with that artistic part of ourselves. Having a therapist who understands the up's and down's, in's and out's of being a professional artist can enhance your therapeutic experience. You can work with someone who doesn't need to be caught up on the often broken systems of the industry, freeing up sessions to really focus on you and how you want to show up in your work. 

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