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Support for your busy life. 

The Virtual Office

"The girls who get it, get it, and the one's who don't, don't"

At Open Haus, we LOVE our virtual offices. We think that it is incredible that you can be in the comfort of your home, car, office, or where ever you feel best and see amazing results in your mental wellness. 

Our therapists know that virtual therapy can be a rich, dynamic, and effective tool for you to show up fully in your life and relationships. We prioritize making virtual therapy... well, not boring. Through creative interventions, a good cup of tea, and the *occasional* peep from a pet, you will log out of your computer with all the benefits of an in-person session- perhaps even more so. 

You shouldn't have to compromise your busy schedule to reduce anxiety, receive support, and start living your most authentic life. 


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